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Bonfire night, fireworks and Guy Fawkes in Lewes, East Sussex

Lewes bonfire (Guy Fawkes Night) is steeped in history, tradition, a belief in self expression and an undeniable dose of euphoric anarchy!

On November the 5th, Lewes changes out of its pin striped suit and expensive brogues and slaps on camouflage makeup, Viking horns and a stripy jumper. Stock brokers, solicitors and carpet salesmen all change into torch bearing pyromaniacs and parade around the town like an army of fire ants.

Lewes in East Sussex, England'Burn the Pope'
They'll burn effigies of anything and like nothing better than to fly in the face of religious political correctness. 'Burn the Pope' is a favourite chant whilst burning upside-down crosses and flinging bangers under the feet of fellow 'Bonfire Boys' (and Girls!).

If you have never been to a bonfire night in Lewes, then you haven't seen English rituals in all their pseudo pagan glory. It's well worth a visit but be warned, things can get quite intense during the marching and the firework displays are loud and serious in their intent to impress.

Lewes in East Sussex, EnglandLewes always celebrates November 5th on November 5th unless it falls on a Sunday when it is held on November 4th. All the bonfire societies parade on the night although the Nevill Juvenile parades and has a firework display a couple of weeks before November 5th. This takes place up on the Nevill Estate with the bonfire and firework display in a field on the South Downs behind the estate.

Useful websites

Rocket FM - www.rocketfm.org.uk
Rocket FM Lewes broadcasts to Lewes and the surrounding area each year. Their 'mission' is to bring you community radio, to entertain and to inform. The best thing though is their coverage of the entire Bonfire Night celebrations. If you can't make it to Lewes, tune in via you radio or online!

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